Services At ITP Solutions

ITP Solutions is a unique organization that helps develop relationships between the neurodiverse community and employers. Our employee/corporate program was developed to service inclusive hiring organizations and candidates that are looking for a meaningful career.

Our professionals can help educate employers and their teams on Neurodiversity through evidence-based approaches. This will enhance universal designed strategies that are helpful when developing a neurodiverse working environment.

ITP Solutions is well-established and has fundamental principles that they adhere to, but our multidisciplinary team of professionals also continues to develop understanding through clinical practice, science and listening to self-advocating neurodiverse individuals within our community.

Through our consultancy services, we provide employers advice and guidance on drafting and implementing inclusive policies, HR guides, and creating a culture of open communication.

We support your journey toward inclusivity by providing you a unique consultancy solution based on your requirements. Inclusion is not a one-time venture but rather an evolving process.


Services At ITP Solutions

Neurodiversity training has been proven to make organization leaders become better managers. Training improves how they think about differences within their team.

ITP Solutions is committed to delivering the most effective training solutions that are based on the latest clinical research information. We provide knowledge for understanding the multiple facets of autism. Using a hands on approach, we train your staff on management techniques that help them work with ASD individuals.

Let ITP Solutions help you gain meaningful knowledge and skills that you need to better support your neurodiverse employees.


Services At ITP Solutions

ITP Solutions provides coaching for neurodiverse and autistic employees who need this extra accommodation. Individuals who identify as neurodivergent have different diagnoses including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Each neurodivergent individual experiences the world differently and requires an individualized coaching plan.

Coaching is a proven, effective way to empower individuals to make decisions and affect change in their lives. A job coach can provide encouragement to a struggling new employee, motivating the recruit to preserve and remain in the job. ITP Solutions can teach an employee to find alternative ways of resolving conflict through various personalized strategies.

We help employees gain confidence in their interpersonal skills by coaching them to set goals, observe, practice, receive feedback, reflect, stay positive, and self-regulate.

ITP Solutions wants to create a positive impact for the first encounter between the employee and the employer.

ITP Solutions is very strong on promoting culture and wellbeing within organizations; we encourage neurodiverse individuals to respectfully self- advocate.

Accompaniment for the Employee and Employer

Services At ITP Solutions

ITP Solutions offers accompaniment services to the employee as well as to the employer.

Many autistic and neurodivergent individuals face barriers to employment. At the same time, because of mainstream recruitment and practices, businesses also face barriers that prevent them from successfully employing talented people into their organizations.

For the employee who needs assistance in creating a plan for finding work, we provide the individual with key learning strategies that will help them improve their opportunities. We teach them to look for employment that suits their skillset and abilities. ITP Solutions will help and guide the individual throughout their job search.

ITP Solutions will teach strategies to employers that need assistance in removing recruitment barriers. Employers will be encouraged to utilize solutions that attract and help them hire neurodivergent employees.

Task Analysis

Services At ITP Solutions

Task analyses are important to help understand how to complete each step to the best of one’s abilities. Task analysis works well in identifying the difficulties in executive function that some neurodiverse individuals can experience. It helps reduce mistakes, streamlines processes, and can help increase productivity. It can also provide a comprehensive look at every aspect of the individual’s developmental process. A task analysis gives you the power to identify every skill, piece of information, and talent that employees must master.

Site Inspections

Services At ITP Solutions

ITP Solutions provides site inspections to organizations to help create work environments that capture universal design, while also taking into account everyone’s uniqueness.

The goal is to help neurodiverse employees thrive in the workplace and for organizations to hire from this untapped pool of talent. We focus on practical strategies on how to support all employees and employers to be successful on the job by involving everyone’s participation.