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Inclusion and Universal Design for Learning

We are a recruitment resource that helps integrate neurodiverse individuals into the workplace. In collaboration with our partners, we form a specialized multidisciplinary team with over 30 years of experience in helping neurodiverse individuals improve their career prospects. The Team provides well-rounded support for candidates who want to succeed at integrating into the workforce. We follow and sustain both our candidates and clients by offering a variety of support methods and ensure their continued growth and development. ITP Solutions’ multidisciplinary team keeps up with the latest research studies to optimize results.

ITP Solutions believes in universal design strategies, and creating environments, programs and services that can be used by all neurodiverse individuals.

We also foster uniqueness when we work with our candidates. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all; every individual is different and requires individualized attention. This is why our employee/corporate program was created to enhance the proper support for both candidate and organizations within a universal design environment.

We want to connect the right talent to the right opportunity, and this will allow employers to value a candidate’s uniqueness and contributions. It also allows organizations to tap into an untapped labour pool that will benefit their business.

Our Vision

ITP Solutions favors quality of life for the candidate and successful turnouts for employers, creating a win/win situation. We help improve the career prospects for neurodiverse individuals through employee/corporate program.

Our Mission

Through our Employee / Corporate Program we want to attract, recruit, onboard, teach / develop, retain talent.




Teach /
Develop Talent


Multidisciplinary Team

ITP Solutions is a specialized multi-disciplinary resource that helps integrate neurodiverse individuals into the workplace.  In collaboration with our partners, we form a specialized team of professionals that provide a well-rounded holistic approach.


Helping businesses grow

ITP Solutions’ focus is to help businesses grow by tapping into an untapped labour pool. We also provide an Employee/Corporate Program; the program was created for support, onboarding and training of the candidate and the employer’s management team.

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