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Integrating Neurodiversity Into The Workplace

ITP supports inclusive organizations by helping them integrate neurodiverse individuals into their workforce. We make a difference by improving synergy.

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Inclusion and Universal Design for Learning

There is a need for creating environments, products and services that can accommodate a wide range of individual’s preferences and needs. When organizations integrate universal design, it helps improve the employee’s work environment. This creates a much more equitable organizational culture. This approach is called “Universal Design.”


Consulting and Placement


ITP Solutions is a unique organization that helps develop relationships between the neurodiverse community and employers.

Site Inspections

ITP Solutions provides site inspections to organizations that want help in creating an autism friendly environment.

Task Analysis

Task analyses are important to help understand how to complete each task step to the best of one’s abilities.


ITP Solutions is committed to delivering the most effective training solutions that are based on the latest clinical research information.


ITP Solutions provides coaching for neurodiverse and autistic employees who need this extra accommodation.

Accompaniment for the Employee and Employer

ITP Solutions offers accompaniment services to the employee as well as to the employer.

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In The Workplace

Make a Real Difference

Commit to fostering a welcoming, equitable and accessible workplace where team members feel valued, respected and supported. Create a better community which will in turn create a better world.

Be Part of Something Great

The more an organization is open to a different mindset, the more creative and resilient it becomes. Diversity not only improves performance but also creates positive synergy.


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